Base Influence Platform

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The Base Influence Platform is a seamless intermediary between brands who wish to enhance their social media presence; and carefully selected influencers who can help them to do just that.


If you are a brand looking to get your product or service in front of the eyes of your target market, we match you with suitable influencers who can market these offerings across their various social media channels.


If you are an influencer looking to make more efficient use of the presence you have developed on your social media channels, we can offer brand campaigns that not only help you to monetize this presence; but enhance the value provided to your following through meaningful collaborations.


Create social media marketing campaigns.

The brand can specify the details of who they want to target, what they want to achieve, where they would like their audience to be based and when they would like the campaign to go live. Influencers can find the campaigns which best suit their niche and bid their price to participate. After the brand accepts the offer, the influencer can start promoting the campaign's message to their followers, and will get paid securely through the Platform.

Find the right influencers.

The Base Influence Platform aggregates influencers' social media data in order to give a full picture of their following, and the engagement between them and their audiences including likes, comments, replies, and inferred follower growth. You can even compare how many followers they have in common with other influencers on the Platform to make sure you're working with the most impactful partners. This data will allow the Platform to link the influencers to the marketing campaigns which best fits the brands' needs.


Keep track of your reach. Anytime. Anywhere.

Both brands and influencers can use the Base Influence Platform to keep track of their reach and activity on their social networks. See vital metrics such as your engagement ratio, follower growth over time, average likes & comments and more. The Base Influence Platform works on desktops, laptops, and phones, so you'll have access to your social media vitals wherever you are.

Pre-register for the Base Influence Platform.

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In the meantime…

In the run-up to our official platform release, we are managing campaigns manually. We speak personally with both influencers and brands, defining campaign objectives, understanding needs & desires, and establishing a connection that will develop and grow.